Download ArraySync:

Activate using the 2021 activation utility.

Download ArraySync Client:

ArraySync Client is free but requires a connection to an ArraySync server to function.


  • Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) to Mojave, or Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or higher (tested to Windows 10)
  • QuickTime 7 or higher
  • 512 MB memory or higher
  • PowerPC G3, G4, G5 or Intel processor (2021 activator is Intel only at the moment, sorry!)

Stay Connected:

2021 Activation Procedure

Thank you for your continued interested in ArraySync. Although ArraySync was discontinued years ago, I still receive emails every week asking how to activate the software. I have created an authentication utility for both Mac and Windows which will allow you to run ArraySync. Simply run the app once, click "Activate" button, and delete. That's it!

Please note ArraySync for Mac is a 32-bit Intel app and will not run on the new M1 Macs, nor will it run on Catalina or higher (even on an Intel Mac). The last Mac OS version ArraySync will run on is Mojave.

Important Considerations:

  1. I won't be code-signing this app, so you'll have to navigate your way around Windows and Mac OS security prompts to run the utility. On Mac, try right-clicking and then choosing Open from the popup menu, rather than double-clicking the app icon to open.
  2. The AuthKey hash is based on the MAC Address of the current active network connection. If you change your network type (from WiFi to Ethernet or vice versa) you'll have to activate again.
  3. You may find video performance on newer operating systems is pretty bad. This is becuase ArraySync is powered by QuickTime, which has also been discontinued many years ago. QuickTime does not support modern codecs and is not accelerated on modern GPUs. However, if you export your videos using the MJPEG codec, you will find better performance.

Below you will find the original ArraySync marketing page...

The quick and easy way to impress.

Create dazzling multi-screen presentations with ArraySync, the network QuickTime synchronizer from The National Software Laboratory. Play QuickTime content across multiple displays attached to one computer or over a local area network as if it were coming from a single video source. ArraySync is the ideal solution for event designers, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.

Mirror videos across multiple networked computers.

ArraySync is completely scalable, and can run entirely on hardware you already own. Synchronize two displays or a hundred! ArraySync's performance is limited only by the capabilities of your hardware.

Effortlessly create video arrays without specialized hardware.

ArraySync makes it easy to build a multi-screen video presentation. Use ArrayShaker to break up your media into multiple segments and distribute them to ArraySync Clients powering your displays. Mac users also have the option to span videos directly without preprocessing with ArrayShaker.*

Create video walls without using specialized hardware.

Flexibility to match your creativity.

Because ArraySync is completely software-based, the configuration possibilities are endless. Rather than relying on infleixble hardware-based systems, you're free to design the ultimate display setup using varying sizes and placements of screens. Enjoy the flexibility to express your ideas through unique custom displays unhindered by dedicated hardware.

Design unique arrangements without conforming to a standard grid.

Sync Macs and PCs.

Whether you have Macs, PCs or both, ArraySync plays nice with all your hardware. Use a Mac as a server controlling PC clients, or a PC server controlling Mac clients, or mix and match Macs and PCs in any combination you can imagine. ArraySync's underlying protocol is platform independent.

* Video spanning mode is not available on Windows for technical reasons.