ArraySync Activation FAQ

Answers to commonly-asked questions about ArraySync's activation process.

What is activation?

In order to use ArraySync, you must activate it with NaSoLab. Activation is our way of preventing software piracy, ensuring product quality and continued development. Activation ties your serial number to your computer's unique networking hardware ID (called a MAC address). An Internet connection is required for activation.

What information does NaSoLab collect during activation?

Your MAC address is hashed before activation occurs, protecting your computer's identity by creating a unique, irreversible and untraceable string of characters we can use to identify your computer. You can think of it as your computer's "user name" on our system. We do not store your actual MAC address or any other personal information during activation.

What happens when I reach my activation limit?

Depending on which license you own, you may have an activation limit. Personal and Site Licenses are limited to 1 and 10 activations, respectively. Once you've reached your activation limit, you can reset your activation counter once every 90 days by visiting

Does resetting my activation counter deactivate previously installed copies of ArraySync?

No. If you've already activated ArraySync on a computer, resetting your activation counter will not affect its operation. ArraySync will continue to function until you uninstall it or reformat your computer.

What if I need to reformat my computer's hard drive or reinstall my operating system?

If you've activated ArraySync on a computer, and need to reformat or reinstall its operating system, you are allowed to reactivate again on the same computer, so long as your network hardware has not changed.

What if I need to activate on a computer without Internet access?

You can activate ArraySync on a computer that lacks Internet access by using the Remote Activator utility and a smartphone or other device that is connected to the Internet. You can download Remote Activator from the ArraySync homepage. Install it along with ArraySync server on the computer in question, and visit on your smartphone or other web-connected device. You'll be asked to type in your serial and MAC address displayed in the Remote Activator utility, and in return you'll receive a unique unlock key for that machine. Remote activation raises your activation counter by one.

If Mac OS X and Windows are installed on two partitions, can I activate on both?

Yes, but activating on two different operating systems counts as two activations. Mac OS X and Windows generate different unique IDs in our system.

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