ArraySync Quick-Start Tutorial

In this tutorial we'll setup a minimal ArraySync system that mirrors a video on two networked computers as illustrated below. After completing this tutorial, you'll have a basic understanding of how ArraySync works. You'll be able to expand upon this tutorial to create an unlimited variety of display arrangements.

This tutorial will teach you how to mirror a video on two computers.

Step One: Plan Ahead

Think about how you want your presentation to appear ahead of time. Make sure you have your QuickTime videos ready, your displays arranged properly on your server and your clients, and all your computers on the same network.

Step Two: Configure Server

When you first launch ArraySync, you'll see a graphic representation of the displays attached to your local machine. Simply drag QuickTime videos over each display. If you switch to Mirrored or Spanned mode (Mac-only), dragging a single video to any display will populate all the other displays as appropriate.

Step Three: Configure Clients

Follow the same procedure to load the movies as you did for your server. Of course, you can choose any arrangement, mode, or video you want for each client, even different videos. Note that if you configure a client with videos with durations longer or shorter than the server, they will be cut short or followed with black space to make them match the server presentation's duration.

Step Three: Start Clients

Click the start button on your client machines. So long as your server is running and is on the same local area network, you should be presented with a list from which you can select it. Select your server, and click continue. Your client screens will now go black, unless your server is already running, in which case they'll jump to the current position in the movie.

Step Four: Start Server

If you haven't already, start your server. All the clients that have successfully connected to the server should also start.

Step Five: Sync, and Enjoy!

After a few moments, you should find that all your clients sync up and match with the server. If you hear stuttering or echoing, this is due to slight inefficiencies in your network or hardware. To solve this, try switching off the audio on the clients. You can do this from the configuration window by right-clicking on each display and disabling audio. Having the audio only come from one source may improve the experience.

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