Tilen allows you to convert large images into multiple smaller images called tiles, which are easier for computers to process and display. It is perfect for web, graphic and software developers with projects that require working with such large images, but need only to see small portions of them at a time.

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iForum connects you to Info-Mac, the original online Mac user community. Connect with Mac, iPhone and iPod users across the globe! iForum allows you to discuss a wide variety of Apple-related topics, or any other topic such as art, politics, religion and more. iForum brings the same high-quality, moderated, spam-free content as the desktop version of Info-Mac, but in an iPhone-friendly fashion.

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Resolution Manager

This is a 2010 build of an old Mac OS Classic project that detects and allows the setting of all available resolutions for any display attached to your Mac, including ones the regular Monitors control panels do not show. Features a 10-second restore feature in the event you select an incompatible resolution, and the ability to export the detected resolutions as a text file. Consider Resolution Manager unfinished and still in beta. There will be no future updates.

*Should* work with System 7.5 through Mac OS 9.2.2. Compiled but untested with 68k code as well, just in case.

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Tiny User Locator by IP is software for phpBB that displays country flags based on the IP addresses recorded during member registration. You can learn more about TULIP at the phpBB community.

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